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Our Investment Verticals


Incorporating technology in the vision of increasing access to high quality and affordable education, particularly amongst marginalized communities.


Promoting business ideas and practices that either directly or indirectly bring positive change to the environment and the mission for sustainability.


Harnessing the power of technology to address social issues that affect low income and marginalized communities, thereby contributing to tech for social good.


Supporting initiatives that aim at providing marginalized communities with access to quality healthcare, as well as lower healthcare

costs and alternatives where possible. 

Social Justice

Fostering innovation that allows for greater efficacy and transparency in social justice, especially regarding modern social issues, among the younger generation.

For Our Clients

Our investments are aimed at creating a pathway for businesses to innovate and succeed. We invest in mission-based businesses and startups for a short term through a convertible note with a low equity share, so that the business can scale on its own terms. Our ultimate goal is to aid businesses with their capital needs and their vision of realizing social impact. 

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